Small Ways to Make Big Improvements to Your Kitchen

A Newley Remodeled Kitchen

A Newley Remodeled Kitchen (

When you’re getting set for that big home remodel project, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all the little details. Your food prep area is prime real estate for accents and detailed additions that will truly help transform it in a noticeable way. Here are a few great ideas for your kitchen remodel.

Hush Your Hinges

Had enough of creaky door hinges and grating drawer glides? Replace them to reclaim your peace and quiet in the kitchen—you might be surprised at how different the room feels with smoother fixtures.

Appliance Awareness

Sometimes people think so much about cabinets and countertops, they forget that their refrigerator actually outdates the rest of the home by a long shot. Integrity Restoration says that updating your appliances is a good way to get more energy-efficient while coordinating for a seamless look throughout.

Hardware Possibilities

You use your drawer pulls and cabinet handles every day, and yet you might never think twice about them. Upgrading these small but essential components can refresh old cabinets or spice up a new installation just the same.

Pantry Expansion

Out of sight, out of mind—so goes the saying. That doesn’t mean that you should keep a disorderly pantry, though. Installing shelves, turntables and other additions makes organization much easier and your food reserves much more accessible.

Whether it’s a bathroom remodel or a kitchen revamp, it’s always important to make the most out of every investment. For a kitchen you’ll love using every day, don’t forget about the bells and whistles. They’re often the true key to making your home remodel come together just as you envision.