How Does Heat Work as a Bed Bug Treatment?

A Bed Bug

A Bed Bug. Source:

It may seem different at first, but thermal bed bug treatment works well.  Homeowners have realized that it takes less time and offers fewer risks than when they use chemicals to defeat the pests. You might be wondering, “How does bed bug heat treatment work?” Consider the following:

  • Just like when you sit in a sauna, the heat cannot escape. It builds and builds inside the home, eventually burning up and smothering the bed bugs. In many cases, the temperature inside the home reaches 140˚, which is too hot for anything to survive.  (Source: Green Heat SD)
  • Heat targets everything. As the hours go by, everything in the home will get hotter and hotter. Your mattress, linens, curtains and furniture will reach the desired temperature, so no matter where the bugs are hiding, they will get hit by the heat. With chemical treatments, you have to find the nests, but this allows you to target every last bug and every little egg, no matter what.

As you can see, bed bug thermal treatment is quite effective. Rather than trying to figure out how to salvage as much of your home as you can with a chemical treatment, experience the convenience of thermal bed bug treatment. Find a professional today and get rid of those bugs!