4 Ways to Add Instant Style to Your Home

Looking for simple ways to add style to your home? Artware of San Diego says that custom picture framing can help personalize the look and feel of each room. Here are a few examples.

Black and White Family Photos

Black and white photos are simple and elegant. They add chic style to any room or hallway and fit well with all types of décor. Place photos above the living room couch, neatly arranged on wall shelves or in small frames on end tables and nightstands.

Staggered Collages

Collages are fun to assemble and allow you to extend your creativity. Pair family photos with small art pieces, mirrors and shelves for an interesting, personalized look. Custom picture frames help you create the ideal collage.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes make great display cases for memorabilia and artistic creations. They are perfect for hanging sports jerseys, military collectibles and family artifacts. Plus, shadow boxes protect your precious items from the elements and negates the need for frequent cleaning and upkeep.

Flat Screen Frames

Turn your flat screen televisions into a work of art. Screens can be secured into custom frames and mounted directly to the wall so that they blend in with the rest of your home décor.

Need more ideas? Call the custom picture framing pros. They can give you some insight based on your budget and personal style.